Your English texts will be produced by a professional Anglophone translator who works exclusively from French into English. When it comes to publication-quality translation, you’re much better off with an expert than a jack of all trades. Traductions LION’s list of clients and publications speak for themselves!


You will benefit from the expertise of a seasoned professional with a fully bilingual and bicultural background. Your translator, Joachim Lépine, M.Ed., C.Tr., has spent more than 20 years in the U.S.A. (California, Texas, New York , Philadelphia, and New Hampshire) and 10 years in Quebec. Moreover, in addition to having completed multiple academic degrees in both French and English, he is a university lecturer and seminar leader in the field of translation. In the services industry, experience and qualifications matter!


You can count on a friendly, personalized, and collaborative approach—every time. We will work together to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the translation. Need to ask a tricky language question or check a sentence? Just call or send off an email and rest assured you will receive an answer in no time.


Before being delivered to your inbox, all of your texts will be read out lout to ensure the finest quality of writing. Traductions LION has developed a unique approach to quality assurance, which includes dictation and reading texts out loud for superior accuracy, clarity, and flow.


Your deadlines will be taken seriously. Consistent with industry best practices, Traductions LION lives by the mantra “under-promise, over-deliver” and quotes realistic deadlines, so that you know you will receive your texts on time.


Your translations will be entrusted to and reviewed by an OTTIAQ-certified professional. Certified translators are held to a high standard of competence, ethics, responsibility, and continuing education. In fact, Joachim Lépine is the Continuing Education Coordinator for the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologies et interprètes agrees du Québec—Canada’s largest association of language professionals.


Unlike with big translation companies, you’ll be dealing directly with the boss! Traductions LION is owned by an independent translator and language consultant who works with other translators on a needs basis. Enjoy all the convenience and responsiveness of working directly with the boss/translator—rather than coming up against endless administrative hurdles and red tape.


Your highly specialized translations will be externally reviewed to ensure outstanding accuracy. Certain texts, such as legal contracts and specialized academic works, require thorough external review in order to make the grade. Know that outside experts may be consulted on a confidential basis to ensure that your texts are of the very finest quality.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Traductions LION is covered by professional liability insurance.
As a member of OTTIAQ, Joachim Lépine has liability insurance coverage of up to $1 million per claim—so you can put your worries to rest.


Nothing speaks like a testimonial!

Peruse Traductions LION’s testimonials to see what clients have to say about their experience!

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